How to Customize Chocolate & Candy?

“Yum, chocolate!” – that’s exactly how our brain responds when it sees chocolate in the form of presents. However, you may not always find chocolate and candy, which is like you imagine it to be. Hence, here is the write-up that will help you understand how to customize chocolate and candy.

You’re in luck because chocolate and candy are easily customizable with a few simple steps. You can also choose to get your toppings customized and repackaged at Topping Solutions.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s begin our chocolate carving!

How to Customize Chocolate and Candy At Home

To customize your chocolate with beautiful wrappers and bring your personal touch to it, you have to create a chocolate base. Contrary to popular belief, carving chocolate is easy with these few simple steps:

Melt candy or chocolate of your choice

Sure, you can make chocolate from scratch. But if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to meet your favorite candy. If you’re using Hershey’s, crack the bar a few times and put them in the micro oven for 1 minute. Keep stirring the chocolate every time. Repeat the process until you find the desired melting consistency. You can also temper the chocolate over the stove if you want.

You can also use jolly rancher candy for melting. Make sure to take four candies and microwave them at 80% strength for a minute. You can use different flavors to go wild with the unique flavoring! If it doesn’t melt completely, put it in for 15 more seconds. Soon, it should begin to melt. 


Buy a mold from your nearest bakery shop or supermarket. It’s effortless to remold your candy into the shape you want it to be. It can be a letter or a customized silicone mold with a design close to your heart. The options are plenty!

Wrap it up

Time to wrap your creation! You can either use candy wrappers found in chocolatier bakeries or order wrappers from printing presses. You can even decide to get your chocolate printed by a chocolatier who has a chocolate printing press. 

There’s an array of options you can choose from to make the ultimate customized candy unique to you. 

There are different chocolate flavors toppings that you can opt for when making your own. You can add sea salt, minty chocolate chips, espresso essence, various flavorings, confetti, and a lot more to your choice! Remember, experimenting is the best way to find out what works the best for you. 

If you want to skip making the chocolate toppings for yourself, you can contact Topping Solutions for all your one-top candy topping needs within a budget!

What occasion is suitable for custom chocolate and candy?

What occasion is suitable for custom chocolate and candy - crushed peppermint candy - Topping Solutions

When you’re customizing chocolate, there’s a good chance it’s for a special one. We’re here to help you pick the best type of customized chocolate that will fit the location. Let’s get more into it:

Business Purposes

If you want to end your meeting on a sweet note right after you close the deal with a client, customized chocolate will be highly ideal! After all, nothing expresses gratitude and love more than a bar of candy. You can also use a mini box of candy. 

To make custom chocolate and candy for your business, you can collaborate with your local chocolatiers. Make your unique wrapper for the candy of choice.

You can also get stickers from your company to attach with different individual pieces of Hershey’s kisses, jolly rancher candy, baby ruth candy, and more. It’s all about how you want to represent your company!

Valentines Special

The season of lovers is none other than valentines. Most people tend to search for what to get for their valentine right before the date approaches. And by far, chocolate has been the most substantially sold product during Valentine’s.

You can always buy candy from the shop and gift it without any further thought. However, when you customize the perfect candy for your significant other, they’ll appreciate it a lot more. After all, it has your personal touch. You can get your chocolate customized at Topping Solutions without any hassle as well!

For Valentines Day, you can make chocolate at home with molds available in your nearest convenience store. You can also get a chocolatier to personalize the different shapes and flavors of your candy. The best way to present them is by a wrapper. You can also add a little bow on top for extra cuteness.

Holiday Gifts

Oh, the sound of bells, cheerful people, and crowded giftshops! The essence reminds us of holidays instantly. One of the best gifts to gift to your loved ones is a personally made, handcrafted chocolate. 

There are plenty of ways you can decorate your personalized chocolate when it’s the holidays. You can choose to package the candy with holiday-themed wrappers individually. 

You can also use delightful crushed peppermint candy to make the vibe of the holidays even better. Don’t forget to make the holiday season jollier with jolly rancher candy as well!

Wedding Favors

If you’re getting hitched, to make the invitations memorable – use customized chocolate to send out the invites. You can get in touch with different candy companies such as baby ruth candy, Hershey’s, Reese’s, and more to order a bulk amount of chocolate for your occasion. 

They can customize the wrapper just according to your choice. You can even combine different flavors of jolly ranchers to make a unique flavoring and send it in a cute basket with a bow! Make sure to research the internet for more customized chocolate inspiration. 

Birthday Party

To make your birthday party stretch a bit more, customize chocolate. Birthday parties include people of all ages who have one thing in common, their love for chocolate. Hence, utilize mutual love! 

Thus, the best way to give away personalized chocolates is to make a goody bag full of varieties of candies for the guests to take home. Trust us – the goodie bags can be Instagram-worthy and something to commemorate the special day in an extra special way!


There’s no reason you shouldn’t be making personalized chocolate for yourself. Eating chocolate has been scientifically proven to boost happy hormone levels and cheer you up instantly. It even has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The best part about customizing chocolate for yourself is how creative you get to be with it. Chocolate is a form of art that you can practice in many different ways. Going a bit crazy with different molds, packaging, toppings, and flavorings of various chocolate and candy can be a great hobby to invest time in. 

Therefore, please don’t be shy to be yourself while you’re at it!


Now that we’ve reached the end of the article, we hope you have the information about customizing chocolate and candy for different occasions! Don’t forget to have fun with chocolate and not burn yourself while working with hot chocolate. 
Be prepared to have everyone’s heart-melting over the sweet gesture of customized candy! You can also contact Topping Solutions for hassle-free ingredient expertise! Till the next time, happy chocolating!